Roz Sutton

Roz Sutton

Director and Co-founder
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Roz founded Purple Dot on the belief that in general, most people in all parts of the economy care about environmental and social issues, but that the structure of the economic system pushes us to prioritise financial value.  Social and environmental considerations are often pursued as add-ons separate from the core of the business, or by organisations specifically set up for the purpose of combating the harmful effects generated by others, rather than these values being supported by the system.

With this in mind Roz set up Purple Dot to support businesses that want to value people, planet and profit more equally. Purple Dot consulting provides business managers with a holistic service that helps ensure that social, environmental and financial values are all considered in an integrated way throughout their organisation’s decision-making processes. And the Three-thinkers business clubs look at the environmental, social and business opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies and business trends, as well as facilitating collaboration between values led businesses.

Roz’s background is in project and product management with over 10 years’ experience delivering projects across a range of sectors for clients as diverse as Channel 4, UK Parliament, Apple, Food Cycle, Comic Relief and Sainsbury’s. In addition to her work with Purple Dot Roz is also a partner at Do Something Different, the behavioural change experts.