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Case studies and information on some of our projects, reports and publications

Client case studies

hiSbe supermarket procurement
Delivering a flexible tool for ethical, sustainable product sourcing

Prime cuts: valuing the meat we eat
Finding common ground on which to build an environmentally and economically sustainable meat industry

16SEVEN social value in clothing
Helping a start-up apply the social values of ethical business within a real world business environment

Three-thinkers business clubs

For the past few years we have run Three-thinkers business clubs in Brighton and Hove, giving values-led businesses opportunities to connect and collaborate.

Meetings have included practical updates exploring emerging technologies and business trends and the opportunities or challenges they present for environmental, social and financial impact. Guest speakers have covered topics such as 3D printing, bitcoin, financial management and green accountancy, big data, ethical trade, legal tools for progressive businesses and promoting your values through sustainable design.

Attendees have also used our facilitated brainstorm sessions to get support from like-minded businesses to maximise their opportunities, discuss ideas and find specific solutions to business issues - all within a framework that considers environmental, social and financial value.

Reports and publications