16SEVEN - Three-thinking statement

Examples of how our business puts three-thinking principles into practice are shown below, along with plans for ongoing improvements and our connections in the three-thinking economy.

Our environmental and social commitments

- ensuring that we adhere to or exceed all relevant environmental legislation *
- seeking to minimise the waste generated by our business through selective purchasing, and then recycling or reusing wherever possible
- not using or producing chemicals that are persistent in the environment, bioaccumulate in nature or are linked to long term health concerns
- ensuring all our supplier relationships are operated on the basis of fair, ethical trade *
- ensuring that we adhere to or exceed all relevant health and safety legislation *
- providing fairly traded refreshments in the workplace
- ensuring all staff are paid at least a living wage across our supply chain including those roles contracted out to outside companies e.g. cleaners/ labourers
- ensuring the pay ratio of our most highly paid staff and our lowest paid staff is not more than 10:1
- ensuring that we adhere to the principles and duties contained in the Equality Act 2010
- supporting our local economy by working with local, independent suppliers wherever possible
- carrying out community giving by providing a portion of our time, skills, premises or profits to charitable purposes
Ongoing improvements: 

16SEVEN is a small start-up business. However, we are 100% committed to being vigilant that all labour supplied by individual and/or companies is transparant and accords with the standards we expect. This means, workers receive at least a minimum wage and are free to leave their employment as they wish and are treated fairly in the workplace. We recognise that ecological targets may be a bigger challenge for us but ensure that wherever we identify areas for improvement, we are transparent about this and share our expereince with our customers outlining why we are facing challenges and what we are seeking to do to resolve this.

Connections in the three-thinking economy: 

We are currently seeking eco ethical suppliers of organic cotton to supply us with material for our clothing products. London Garment Services are working in partnership with 16SEVEN to develop our business model and will provide manufacturing for us. They pay staff at living wage rates and offer fair working terms and conditions.

These commitments were last updated on: 
June 11th 2014
Completed by: 
Laurence Chester